When clients come to see me, I normally ask them what they would like to achieve from us working together. The response I get on so many occasions is that they want to feel Clear Calm and Confident. This they feel is the opposite too what they are currently feeling, which is usually, anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. Solution focused hypnotherapy can help you overcome these negative feelings.

Those anxious feelings can really stop us from getting on with our lives. That anxiety is based in our primitive brain, which is like our head of security always looking out for things that can cause us a problem, however in our busy 21st century lives it is difficult to switch this off, as a result it becomes very exhausting and over whelming which can prevent us from leading a normal life.

Learning to replace anxiety with feelings of calm and confidence is much more beneficial to us. It enables us to deal with all our everyday situations in a much easier way. Our lives can be full and busy but when we are Clear Calm and Confident, we can cope in a much better way.

Once we get back our clarity of thought, the things that felt overwhelming initially start to fall into place and everything becomes easier. We can now become much more productive than when looking at the world through a haze or fog.

How can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help you to feel CLEAR CALM AND CONFIDENT.

Solution focused hypnotherapy has been developed to reduce anxiety and calm the mind. It is a wonderful tool to help with a large variety of issues, working by concentrating on a positive future, acknowledging the past and current issues but not dwelling on them. The focus is on thinking about the future and how you want it to be and what positive steps you can take to get there.

You may be feeling overwhelmed at the moment and that everything is too much. The thing is that’s OK because most of us at some time or other feel like this, you are not alone. However becoming calmer and regaining confidence is just around the corner and is an easier goal to achieve than you think.

By taking the time to read this and contemplating hypnotherapy, you’ve already started on the journey towards that more Clear Calm Confident YOU.

I’m Hayley and run Insight Hypnotherapy. If your feeling anxious stressed, lacking in confidence, then please contact me for a confidential chat. You can call me on 07817 630 614 or 0161 766 9915 or go to www.insight-hypnotherapy.com.